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    1. Cell Biology
    2. Developmental Biology

    Cylicins are a structural component of the sperm calyx being indispensable for male fertility in mice and human

    Simon Schneider, Andjela Kovacevic ... Hubert Schorle
    Cylicin 1 and Cylicin 2 are essential components of the sperm perinuclear theca and their loss results in impaired spermiogenesis and thus in infertility in mice and men.
    1. Cell Biology

    Identification of candidate mitochondrial inheritance determinants using the mammalian cell-free system

    Dalen Zuidema, Alexis Jones ... Peter Sutovsky
    Proteomic analysis in a novel cell-free system for the study of mitophagy, identifies candidate proteins involved in the enforcement of clonal, maternal inheritance of mitochondria and mitochondrial genes in mammals.
    1. Cell Biology
    2. Evolutionary Biology

    Genetic diversity of CHC22 clathrin impacts its function in glucose metabolism

    Matteo Fumagalli, Stephane M Camus ... Frances M Brodsky
    Natural selection shaped CHC22 clathrin genetic variation in humans with different diets and potentially influenced the human insulin response.
    1. Neuroscience

    Dissociation of impulsive traits by subthalamic metabotropic glutamate receptor 4

    Lukasz Piszczek, Andreea Constantinescu ... Wulf Haubensak
    Metabotropic glutamate receptors modulate impulse control by the subthalamic nucleus, dissociating trait impulsivity from basal ganglia motor function.

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