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    Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor activation stimulates PKA-mediated phosphorylation of Raptor and this contributes to the weight loss effect of liraglutide

    Thao DV Le, Dianxin Liu ... Julio E Ayala
    The ability of the therapeutic glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist liraglutide to promote weight loss is partly dependent on signaling via PKA-dependent phosphorylation of the mTORC1 regulator protein Raptor.
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    WASP facilitates tumor mechanosensitivity in T lymphocytes

    Srishti Mandal, Mariane Melo ... Sudha Kumari
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    Cylicins are a structural component of the sperm calyx being indispensable for male fertility in mice and human

    Simon Schneider, Andjela Kovacevic ... Hubert Schorle
    Cylicin 1 and Cylicin 2 are essential components of the sperm perinuclear theca and their loss results in impaired spermiogenesis and thus in infertility in mice and men.
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    Optogenetic control of a GEF of RhoA uncovers a signaling switch from retraction to protrusion

    Jean De Seze, Maud Bongaerts ... Mathieu Coppey
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    Baited reconstruction with 2D template matching for high-resolution structure determination in vitro and in vivo without template bias

    Bronwyn A Lucas, Benjamin A Himes, Nikolaus Grigorieff
    2D template matching enables a streamlined single-particle cryogenic electron microscopy workflow that can be used to discover new high-resolution structural features in molecules and complexes, such as bound ligands and drugs.